ETS Audit Consulting Services

We are happy to inform that ETS has started offering Audit Consulting Services.

For example, many OEM customers in the US are hesitate to travel over seas to visit suppliers to perform their audits. What OEMs are doing now are Virtual Audits on Zoom or Webex however they still require a 3rd party to perform a Visual Audit. And then finally, they will perform an Actual Full Audit when they feel comfortable to visit the suppliers overseas in Asia.

  • a. Virtual Audit (Zoom/ Webex)
  • b. Visual Audit (3rd Party)
  • c. Actual Full Audit(OEM performs this)

What our services can offer is to prepare your factories before the Actual Full Audits are going to be performed by the end customers. We comprehend what the OEM customer expects to see during their full audits.

For example, we can prepare all your other factories before a Company QA team comes to visit you. This will give your factories a better chance in passing their audits when the time comes.